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New Study Shows that Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

There is a ton of research pointing to the value of breastfeeding for the baby — everything from providing essential nutrients to leading to lower rates of subsequent asthma and higher immune system function. But what about the mother? It turns out that breastfeeding may be even better for her. A new report from the […]

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Cancer Drugs Don’t Just Halt Tumors, They Shrink Them

Certain drugs have proven to be successful at halting the growth of breast cancer tumors by stopping cell division. But findings from a new study show that these drugs may even be better than initially thought. The research shows that these drugs not only block the growth of tumors, but they also seem to spur […]

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Some Hair Dyes and Relaxers May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

A new study conducted by Rutgers University denotes a link between use of certain hair dyes and hair relaxers and a higher risk of developing breast cancer in women. The study also finds a difference in the relationship between black and white women. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide. In the U.S., […]

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Scientists Could Have Found a Way to Stop Metastasis in Cancer Cells

Metastasis is the word no one with breast cancer (or any form of cancer really) wants to hear. Metastasis is the process where cancer spreads from the original tumor to other areas of the body. These migrating cancer cells then invade nearby healthy tissue, penetrate the lymph nodes, or enter the bloodstream for distribution throughout […]

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Low-Dose Aspirin May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk Up to 20 Percent

A new study conducted with a large sample found evidence that low-dose aspirin use may play a role in decreasing the risk of a woman developing breast cancer. The study from the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute was reported recently in the journal Breast Cancer Research. Previous research has suggested there may be a […]

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Foods that Can Help Ward Off Breast Cancer

While it is folly to assume eating a few food items will effectively prevent a person from ever getting breast cancer, there is more and more evidence that diet choice can make a real difference. It is one of the risk factors that a person can control, in contrast to other factors such as age, […]

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When Chemo Drugs Are Given Affects Amount of Inflammation

Chemotherapy in humans has many neurological side effects, such as depression, anxiety, and short-term memory loss (sometimes called “chemo brain”). It’s believed that inflammation caused by chemo drugs is behind those side effects. But a recent study shows that the time when chemotherapy drugs are given affects the amount of inflammation these drugs cause. The […]

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Exercise is Best Lifestyle Change

Exercise is Best Lifestyle Change for Preventing Recurrence

Although breast cancer survival rates are quite high compared with other forms of cancer, cancer can still come back. A new study conducted in Canada gives some recommendations that breast cancer survivors can incorporate into their lifestyles to reduce their chances of cancer recurrence. The study The research goal was to examine various lifestyle factors […]

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Starving Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells of Nutrient Kills Them

You may think of cancer cells as monsters that replicate at will. But it turns out that certain cancer cells can’t do this without a certain nutrient, and when they are deprived of this nutrient they quickly die. This was the finding of a study that recently appeared online in Oncogene. Duke University scientists conducted […]

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The Ins and Outs of Lumpectomies

Finding that you have a lump in your breast can be unnerving, to say the least. But it doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. In many cases, your doctor will recommend removing the lump. The surgery used, if possible, is called a lumpectomy, which is known as a breast-conserving procedure. Here are some of the […]

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