2018 Parker Family Health Center Gala

The Cristine Meredith Miele Foundation is proud to partner with Parker Family Health Center.
Our work with them is aimed at helping women within our own community in the early detection of breast cancer. We understand the importance of early detection, especially for women at high risk to a family history of the disease. We also know that performing all of the necessary genetic testing is not financially possible for all women.

The Parker Family Health Center currently provides mammograms and BRCA testing for women in our community. Through a new initiative, they aim to provide more resources for women at the poverty level who are BRCA negative but present a family history of breast cancer. We pledge to regularly fund the Women’s Breast Health Initiative, which will supplement further genetic testing for these women.

We hope you’ll consider attending their Gala on September 8, as they continue to raise funds to support the community.

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